The questions below will help us to focus together on creating branding that will suit your style and present a consistent, professional face to the world. It’s my goal to ensure that our collaboration results in a high quality design that not only meets your needs, but which also reflects the spirit of your enterprise.

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If you had to describe your business in one word, what would that word be? (and if one word just isn’t sufficient, please describe your business in as few words as possible.)
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Looking at other people’s branding, what branding styles do you like, and what is it about these that appeals to you? Are there logos that you particularly dislike? What causes that reaction? (Examples are very helpful as a means of illustrating your preferences).
What colors or color palettes do you like? Are there colors you want to avoid?
What sorts of fonts do you prefer? Simple? Formal? Trendy? Friendly?
Potential items to be designed
Beyond logo design, are there other branded items into which you would like me to incorporate your logo?
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