The questions below will help us to focus together on creating an invitation that will suit your style and your budget. It’s my goal to ensure that our collaboration results in a high quality design that not only meets your needs, but which also reflects the spirit of the event.

Name *
What type of event is this? What's the date, time and place?
Invitation wording
Have you already thought about how your invitation will be worded?
Possible enclosures *
Do you want all information (event and reception details) to appear on a single card, or will you need separate enclosures?
How will your guests reply to your invitation? *
Do you prefer that your guests respond via printed response card, or will you set up an email address for responses?
Invitation style *
Which of the following best describes how you envision your invitation’s style?
Invitation mood *
What mood do you want your invitation to communicate?
Is there an appropriate image or theme that’s meaningful to you and/or your child that you would like to explore including as part of the design?
Potential items to be designed *
An invitation can be as simple as a printed card with a matching envelope, usually with a matching notecard and envelope, or there can be multiple enclosures or other matching items. Which of these items would you like me to design?
Envelope addressing *
Most envelopes have, at minimum, a preprinted return address. There are various options for addressing
It’s very helpful if you can provide pictures, samples of actual invitations that you’ve received or links to pictures of invitations that illustrate your preferences. Looking at other examples of invitations, what do you like, and what is it that you like about them? I suggest that you enter the type of event you’re having (e.g. “bat mitzvah invitations”) in Google images and take note of the styles that you like - you can send me links or print out the pages.
Are there styles that you particularly dislike? What causes that reaction?
What colors do you prefer? what colors would you like to avoid?
What sorts of fonts do you prefer? Simple? Formal? Trendy? Friendly?
Do you have a budget in mind for this project?
How many invitations will you be sending?
How many weeks in advance of your event would you like to send out the invitations?